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Unforgettable Wedding Memories by Linton Films​

Capturing your love story with stunning visuals and heartfelt moments, creating memories that last a lifetime.



Capturing Elegance



Capturing Elegance

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Capturing Precious Moments

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Crafting Cherished Memories



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Capturing Every Moment of Your Special Day

At Linton Films, we specialize in documenting every aspect of your wedding day with precision and artistry. From the emotional vows exchanged during the ceremony to the joyous celebrations at the reception, we ensure that every moment is beautifully captured and preserved for you to cherish forever.

Intimate Ceremony Package 

This package is ideal for smaller, more personal weddings. It includes:

  • Coverage of the ceremony and key moments of the reception.
  • A beautifully edited highlight reel capturing the essence of your special day.
  • A full-length film featuring all the important moments from start to finish.

Classic Wedding Package 

Perfect for couples who want comprehensive coverage of their big day, this package includes:

  • Full-day coverage from the preparations to the last dance.
  • A professionally edited highlight reel.
  • A documentary-style full-length film that captures every detail.
  • Two camera operators to ensure multiple angles and complete coverage.

Deluxe Celebration Package 

For those who want the ultimate wedding film experience, our deluxe package offers:

  • Comprehensive coverage over multiple days, including rehearsal dinners, bridal showers, and post-wedding events.
  • A cinematic highlight reel with advanced editing techniques.
  • A feature-length film that tells the complete story of your wedding.
  • Additional camera operators to capture every moment from every angle.
  • Extras such as interviews with the couple and guests, behind-the-scenes footage, and more.

Customization Options

We believe that your wedding film should be as unique as your love story. That’s why we offer a range of customization options to ensure that your video reflects your personality and vision. Here are some of the ways you can personalize your wedding film:

Drone Footage 

Add a breathtaking aerial perspective to your wedding film with our drone footage option. Capture the beauty of your venue and surrounding landscapes from above, adding a cinematic quality to your video.

Same-Day Edits

Impress your guests with a highlight reel of your wedding day shown during your reception. Our team will work swiftly to create a stunning same-day edit, allowing everyone to relive the day’s most memorable moments.

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99th, Arround St. Pku City, 28292, Riau Indonesia


99th, Arround St. Pku City, 28292, Riau Indonesia


Video Ads

Captivating Video Ads


Linton Films aims to create engaging video advertisements that highlight the unique aspects of their live streaming services across film production, photo production, weddings, and concerts. These ads will showcase the seamless integration of state-of-the-art technology, high-quality real-time broadcasting, and the immersive experiences provided to clients and audiences. For film production, ads will focus on behind-the-scenes access, virtual premieres, and interactive Q&A sessions, capturing the excitement and exclusive content available through Linton Films. Photo production ads will emphasize live photo shoots, workshops, tutorials, and portfolio showcases, highlighting the real-time engagement and feedback clients can enjoy. Wedding ads will capture the magic of live-streamed ceremonies and receptions, showcasing multi-angle streams, interactive features like live chat and virtual guestbooks, and the ability for remote participation. Concert ads will demonstrate high-definition live concert broadcasts, backstage access, and virtual meet and greet experiences, emphasizing the high-quality audio and video provided.

The video ads will be produced in various formats and for multiple platforms. Short clips of 15-30 seconds will be created for social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube, focusing on key moments and unique features. Longer trailers of 1-2 minutes will be developed for YouTube, LinkedIn, and the Linton Films website, providing a more in-depth look at the services and their benefits. Testimonial videos featuring satisfied clients and footage from their events will build trust and showcase real-world applications of the services.

The creative approach will involve storytelling, using a narrative to depict a typical client experience with Linton Films, from initial consultation to the live-streamed event. High-quality visuals and dynamic editing will be employed to capture the excitement and professionalism of the services, while the emotional aspects of each event—such as the joy of a wedding, the thrill of a live concert, or the creativity of a film or photo shoot—will be highlighted to create an emotional connection with viewers. By effectively communicating the unique value and immersive experiences provided by Linton Films’ live streaming services, these video ads will attract new clients and engage audiences, setting Linton Films apart as a leader in live event streaming.


Linton Films’ video advertisements will effectively communicate the unique value and immersive experiences provided by their live streaming services. By showcasing the cutting-edge technology, high-quality broadcasts, and interactive features, these ads will attract new clients and engage audiences, setting Linton Films apart as a leader in live event streaming.

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